Audi Virtual Training

Gamification in professional training

Learning must be fun.
Only under this condition can the acquired skills be retained in the learner's memory for a long time.

The rapidly growing need for professional- knowledge and skills transfer in the car dealership training increases the trend for new qualification formats. 

Traditional e-learning trainings are reaching their efficiency limits. For a modern “blended learning” approach Audi is focusing on new, gamified learning concepts in its car dealerships. Knowledge will no longer be transmitted in a classroom setup. Beyond classic training models, Audi Virtual Training simulates real customer meetings and communication in a virtual and more interactive training environment. Participants can complete their training courses at any time and in every place using tablets, smartphones or PCs. 

Audi is the first mover in the automotive industry who realized such a game based
virtual training for mobile devices.

Audi Virtual Training was designed in close cooperation with straightlabs as lead developing agency. Since the release in 2017, more than 100 courses for Audi’s car dealership training have been developed by straightlabs. 

What users say!

"The game is demanding and no walk in the park. You have to put yourself in the customer’s position and think very psychologically."
"I had already experienced some of the situations in previous customer talks. Back then, the Audi Virtual Training would have been helpful."

Mobile & Desktop

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Audi international dealership