BMW Brand Behaviour App

Represent the BMW brand convincingly.

The aim of the Brand Behaviour App is to provide each and every employee, who represents the brand BMW with the relevant knowledge about brand specific behaviour so they are able to positively convince customers or business partners whenever coming into contact.

Turning customers into true fans

The app offers brand-strategic basics, brand-adequate behavioural principles and best practice examples. It shows, how you, as a BMW enthusiast, can positively charge the image of the brand. 

Customer Centricity

Brand Behaviour can only be effective if you put yourself in your customers’ position and act in a customer-centric manner.

Develop understanding of customer centricity

The app includes content about the  topics: customer-centric brand behaviour, customers of the future and customer-service-principles, thus providing relevant impulses to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Your Challenge

How well you already know the brand? Learn many more interesting and valuable details about the BMW brand. Challenge your colleagues to “Your Challenge” in a playful competition.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Brand-typical behaviour effectively shapes the perception of the brand. The app supports how values and identity of the brand BMW are represented to the outside world on a personal level.

Target Group

More than 100,000 users are to be targeted in a scalable roll-out.


The cloud-based mobile Brand Behavior App was developed using the latest progressive web app technology. Users have access to the app on all mobile devices or in the browser at their workplace as well as using private devices.


Data protection and security are top priorities for BMW Group. All user data are hosted in an ISO-certified German data center and processed according to the strict requirements of the GDPR.