Founder & Managing Director

With passion for disruptive ideas Peter founded straightlabs, an Education Technology Lab, to reshape the digital learning culture powered by groundbreaking immersive technologies. His outstanding track record based on more than 30 years of international management and leadership experience. Today, Peter is Professor of Strategic and International Management at the University of Applied Management in Munich and visiting Professor at the Institute of Game Engineering at the Technical University Munich (TUM). Alongside to his professorship and straightlabs, Peter researches on related topics to the digital transformation of learning and management decisions.

Management Decisions
Book Cover Management Decisions

Only those who master the game of economics, will make the right decisions for sustainable growth. To learn more about the game changers in global competition, the authors invite you to explore the backgrounds and drivers of management decisions.

Champions of tomorrow will not simply be born overnight. They appear and disappear again or grow and change.  This corporate development process is accompanied by a handful of questions related to management and leadership. Possible answers, methods, recommendations for action and best practices solutions are discussed by the two editors Prof. Peter Niermann and Prof. Andre Schmutte in their book “Management Decisions”.

Creative & Technical Director

With his professional experience in computer science and as a Unity Certified Developer Fabrizio inspires and leads our edu team of developers, directors, art and game designers and many other disciplines.

Fabrizio has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and European Politics from the Università degli studi di Cagliari, as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Applied Management. Fabrizio is lecturer at the University of Applied Management and PhD candidate at the TUM Technical University Munich.